We recommend machine priming or staining because siding and trim are protected prior to installation and will give you better and longer lasting finishes. Over the long run, you will save money on your maintenance costs.

Prime: We can prime siding or trim if you are painting or using solid color latex stain.

Stain: We can stain virtually all wood: rough, smooth, and all four edges. Machine staining provides an even toned finish that can not be duplicated by hand.

Factory Finish:We can apply Cabot latex finishes which have a 15 year warranty. We recommend that we apply a prime coat and one finish coat in the factory. A field coat is required after installation to qualify for the 15 year warranty from Cabot.

Time: We can complete most pre-finishing orders in 3-4 weeks. Unfinished orders can be shipped immediately from stock.

Nails: We stock Maze and Tremont nails. They can be colored to match siding and trim.
Hammer Caps: We stock neoprene hammer caps which protect the siding and trim during installation.

Wood Louvers: We stock many sizes wood louvers which can also be pre-finished.

Other Materials: We stock soffit material, drip caps, and other various trim details.

Costs: We invite specific inquiries, but you can figure $0.30 to $0.32 per board foot for most finishes

Colors: We can match most color choices and provide brush out samples of your order.

Questions: Please feel free to call with any questions you might have. Any questions you might have are important. We are a small family company and know that one of our competitive advantages is that all of our customers are important!